Russian-speaking poets and musicians from Russia and Europe were united by love

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The Poetry and Music Online Lounge brought together poets and musicians from the UK, Germany, the Czech Republic and Russia, inviting art lovers to share the best examples of love lyrics. 

Online meetings of poets and musicians in a lounge format are very important for creative exchange. This is an opportunity to become acquainted with the beautiful and the new and create new artistic alliances and unique performance formats. The event featured a premiere of the song-romance Embracing You. A poet from Chuvashia Fyodor Toguzov and a musician from London Tatyana Rybakova performed it as a duo while being separated by 3,000 kilometres. 

The next meeting of the online lounge will be dedicated to spring, flowers and nature’s awakening. The moderator of the virtual lounge, Tatyana Rybakova, invites musicians and poets who create in Russian to join and share their work. 

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