Russia is my motherland, my heart and soul: descendant of the Romanov family talks about the land of his ancestors

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Rostislav Romanov, a descendant of the royal dynasty residing in the UK, talks about his love of Russia in an interview with RT. 

The descendant of Nicholas I and Alexander III, Rostislav Romanov, is an artist, philanthropist, and vice-chairman of the Romanov Family Association. He lives in England, but regularly visits Russia and considers himself Russian. 

In October 2019 Rostislav Romanov took part in an art exhibition held at the representative office of Rossotrudnichestvo in the UK. His pieces depict unusual shapes and lines that shape scenes of everyday life. Commenting on his artistic path, Rostislav says: “I always study new things, methods, and techniques in art, because for me this is another way of speaking. Art gave me a voice. I have had dyslexia since childhood. It was very difficult for me to study until I got into the world of art, which led me to a new way of communication. I try to paint in different ways using more body movements. Next year I will work with textiles and weaving. I also want to try ceramics! The more I learn different techniques, the more it helps me in my life and art." 

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