Twin cities held an online concert dedicated to the International Men's Day

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Representatives of the twin cities of Russia and the UK participated in a festive online meeting to celebrate International Men's Day.

Olga Lawson, a representative of the UK and Russian Cities Foundation (Coventry), spoke about the history of the holiday and noted that Russia celebrates the Day of Missile Forces and Artillery on the same day.

The Day of Missile Forces and Artillery was established to commemorate the merits of artillery in defeating the German fascist invaders at Stalingrad, the first stage of which began on 19 November 1942 with the Soviet counteroffensive. In memory of these events, a concert was opened with the popular and beloved war song Katyusha.

Russian, British, Spanish and Estonian performers presented musical and poetic numbers honouring the men’s day. The concert ended with a song by the Soviet and Russian composer Alexandra Pakhmutova, who was born in Volgograd.

One of the goals of the holiday is to remind about the men’s contribution to society, state, family, marriage, raising children and preserving the environment.