Twin Cities Commemorate Victims of Coventry Blitz

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Representatives of the UK and Russian Cities Foundation, Coventry Association for International Friendship, students and teachers of the Volgograd State Medical University (VolgGMU), and the Faculty of Medicine of the University of Warwick held an online meeting dedicated to the Coventry Blitz.

During World War II, the British city of Coventry was repeatedly bombed by the German Air Force. The most devastating of these attacks occurred on the evening of 14 November 1940 and lasted until the following morning. The bombing killed 568 citizens, left thousands of families homeless, and destroyed 75 percent of industrial enterprises and the airfield, causing an irreparable damage to the historical centre of the city.

The audience honoured the memory of the victims of the Coventry bombing and all those who died in World War II with a minute of silence.

Lord Mayor of Coventry Ann Lucas reminded the audience of the history and origins of relations between Coventry and Volgograd and stated that it is very important not to forget all those who gave their lives for our peaceful life.  

Secretary of the Coventry Association for International Friendship Linda Hirons, Vice-Rector for Foreign Student and International Relations of the Volgograd State Medical University Natalya Alshuk, leader of the Volgograd State Medical University’s student union Rodion Derevyanko, Professor Sudhesh Kumar (University of Warwick), representative of the International Friendship Association Mary Goodwin, and representative of the UK and Russian Cities Foundation Olga Lawson also spoke at the event.