Musicians from Perm held a master class on singing Russian ditties for Oxford residents

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Perm residents’ participation in the Ethno England festival added to the series of festive events honouring the 25th anniversary of twinning relations between Perm and Oxford (UK). Mayors of the two cities signed the Declaration on the Development of Friendly Relations on 13 November 1995.

In November, Oxford hosts the Ethno England festival, which invites representatives of twin cities to conduct master classes on popularizing musical culture of their home countries. A master class from Perm musicians, which was prepared and conducted by the soloist of the Voskesenie ensemble Polina Kalinina and one of its junior members Evgenia Dolgikh, was held online in the framework of the festival. Polina and Evgenia sang Russian ditties with the participants, accompanied by balalaika.

Participants from Oxford and other countries learned the melody of the song, as well as the chorus, which they were able to perform in Russian. Oxford residents mastered harmonising and even tried to repeat the Russian folk singing techniques that they picked up on in Polina’s and Evgenia’s performance.


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