"The recent publication in The Lancet on the clinical trial of Sputnik V vaccine clearly demonstrates its safety and effectiveness" - Professor Nadey Hakim, VP of Royal Society & VP of International Academy of Medical Sciences

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Vaccine is a major tool to combat #COVID-19 and save the world. This approach should be based on the best technologies making them available globally. Countries need to form a diverse vaccine portfolio. And Russian vaccine #SputnikV, for sure, should be among them.

Term Sputnik is related to a satellite that was launched by the Soviet Union in 1957. It refers to a breakthrough for humanity, both in space and vaccine development to repeat the performance of its predecessor.

I reviewed the data presented and disclosed and the corresponding publications in the #Lancet, one of the leading international medical journals. It is clear that results of the clinical trials of Sputnik V vaccine have shown to be indeed effective. What is the most important for any vaccine? The proof that it is safe and effective. The fact is that Sputnik V has such a proof using a proven platform based on human adenoviral vectors and advanced prime-boost vaccination scheme through two different adenoviruses.

It is a known and recognized fact that Russia has a long and successful track record in vaccine development. For instance Russian Empress Catherine the Great set an example in 1768 when she received the country’s first smallpox vaccination, 30 years before the first vaccination was done in the United States. I visited Russia myself, and I know about the outstanding work the country has done in science and medicine.

There is encouraging fact that several countries in South America are dealing the agreements to produce the vaccine locally. As well as China, India, Brazil, Korea and Turkey. And these countries will be able to export Sputnik V to surrounding countries and beyond.

It would certainly be welcome to have a cooperation between countries and producers. We need it for joint efforts. Let`s see Russia and UK for example. As individuals I’ve heard the press saying things, which is really not a very nice thing to say, and, sadly, out of envy, I believe, of the other’s success.

Both countries have advanced significantly with the Phase 1 and 2 trials. I know for the fact that Oxford vaccine trials have been put on hold for a few times, because of suspected side effects. 10 000 UK volunteers will be invited, as you probably heard, to join a leading Phase 3 COVID-19 vaccine trial. So the new achievements, I believe, work in the UK is progressing quickly. According to their early results there is an induce of strong immune responses in both parts of the immune system. The vaccine provoked a T-cell response within 14 days of vaccination, and this is what happened with the Russian vaccine.

My personal opinion is that hopefully we would be back to normal by March 2021, but still the vaccine would be of use and it would hopefully be available to the entire planet. So, I am very encouraging the South America continent to be on board with Sputnik V.