In Sochi, everything is ready for SIFFA Russian-British film festival

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On November 3-7, 2020, the anniversary SIFFA International Film Festival and Awards will be held in Sochi.

Five years is a solid track records for a modern film festival. Given that SIFFA is being held in Sochi and London with alternating regularity every six months, this figure can be safely multiplied by two. The Sochi International Film Festival and Awards is the first world-class event bringing together filmmakers from Russia, the UK, and other countries in hospitable Sochi.

Experienced film industry professionals and distinguished guests from all over the world are members of the festival’s jury panel. Over the years, the festival has become a real celebration of cinematography, demonstrating the enormous role of a universal language of images, capable of overcoming differences between people, nations and countries. Within the framework of the film screening, over the years, filmmakers from Russia, the UK, Germany, France, Israel, Georgia, Sweden, Kazakhstan, Estonia, Mongolia, South Korea, India, Japan and other countries presented their works. Over 50 films will be screened in the framework of the 2020 program of events, including documentaries and short films. The festival’s main venue will be the concert hall at Radisson Collection Paradise Resort & Spa Sochi.