Photo of a tiger from Primorye wins the Wildlife Photographer of the Year grand title

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London’s Natural History Museum has named a photograph of an Amur tiger taken in the Russian Far East’s Land of the Leopard national park as the best in the 2020 wildlife photography competition. The winners were announced by the Duchess of Cambridge at an online awards ceremony broadcast from the museum.

In the photo, a tigress, bathed in spots of light, stands on her hind legs and hugs a tree. The Red Book-listed Amur tigers are endangered, but this cat appears calm, the jury notes. The photo became the best of 49,000 entries submitted for the competition.


With the support of professional guides from Land of the Leopard, photographer Sergei Gorshkov took the photograph using a professional camera with a motion sensor. He set up a camera near a tree with odours, tiger hair, and claw marks.


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