I feel the people in Russia are more like us than we realise: online campaign #ВзгляниНаРоссию / #MyRussia gathered people from all over the world

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As part of Rossotrudnichestvo’s online campaign #ВзгляниНаРоссию, the Russian Culture House in the UK launched an English-language version, #MyRussia . The challenge is gaining impressive momentum boh in the UK and across the world. 

Hundreds of people shared their memories of Russia. The Kremlin museums and Russian diplomatic missions also joined #MyRussia campaign.

Emma Choli posted a photo of her first visit to Moscow with a comment: "My heart belongs to Russia".

Noel Hannon shared photos from an unforgettable 22-day trip to the USSR. 33-year-old photographs depict Noel at the magnificent fountains of Peterhof and in snowy Irkutsk in December 1987.

Charles Stewart from London posted a photo from Volgograd, which he visited in 1985. The photo captured his Russian comrades who met Charles at the railway station with bread and salt.

A user named Luke @LukeK1983 shared photos of his first trip to Russia 17 years ago, when he first came to study at the Moscow State University, and recent photos from a trip to Moscow with one of his daughters. "I look forward to taking my other 2 wee girls back to #MyRussia. It’s been a big part of my life. Not a day goes by that I don’t miss it!" - Luke commented.

Foreigners talk about their unforgettable journeys through the cities of Russia and meetings with Russian people who have become their friends for life. "I would like to visit Russia, I feel that the people there are more like us than we think," one of the contestants wrote.

The competition will last until July 20. Prizes will go to five participants selected by the judges. The results will be announced on July 27. We look forward to receiving your photos and videos!

How to enter:

1️. Post photos or videos of the unusual places/attractions that you visited or would want to visit in Russia on your social media profile.

2️. Make sure your profile is public for the duration of the online campaign.

3️. Use hashtag #MyRussia and tag Rossotrudnichestvo account (@rsgov) in the post

You can make as many posts as you like!