Exhibition dedicated to the friendship of Russia, Armenia and Bulgaria presented in London

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The exhibition, which presents pieces by Russian, Armenian and Bulgarian artists, is dedicated to the friendship between the three countries and promotion of their cultural heritage in the UK.

Natasha Arendt is a descendant of a prominent family of Russian artists whose works are included in outstanding museum collections, including the exposition at the Tretyakov Gallery in Moscow and the Russian Museum in St. Petersburg. Natasha Arendt’s work includes reflections on everyday life, things that she sees around herself – whether it is a landscape near Koktebel or household items.

Leonie Pilart is an artist from Armenia. She was educated in the field of painting and sculpture and led several research projects in such established museums as the Louvre, Rodin and Bourdelle Museum in Paris, as well as various museums in London, Florence, Milan and Parma.

A multifaceted and expressive artist, Silvia Georgieva (Selvida) was educated in Sofia (Bulgaria). Well aware of the course of life in the rapidly changing world of technology, she depicts urban storylines. Sylvia’s compositions are full of lightness, colour and positive emotions, which compell the viewer to plunge into an abundance of materials, subtle patterns and textures.

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