Spiritual lyrics brought together poets from six countries

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An online evening dedicated to spiritual lyrics gathered poets and musicians from six different countries. The program of the event included pieces by prominent Russian poets as well as original poetry.

Choir director of the Russian Orthodox Cathedral of the Dormition in London Dmitry Tugarinov launched the event with a performance of the prayer The Lord's Prayer by Nikolay Kedrov (Sr.), which he delivered using a unique 100-voice arrangement.

The event was continued with recitals by various Russian poets. Lyubov Balagova, Andrey Galamaga, David Kudykov, Boris Fabrikant, Elena and Alexander Erofeev, Lilia Ward, Tatyana Yufit, Lyudmila Svirskaya, Natalya Mendel and Sergey Krainev shared their most sacred spiritual lyrics. Ekaterina Chernyaeva, Margarita Markova and Vera Horton read poems by Balmont, Lokhvitskaya, Bunin, Lermontov, Bryusov, Grigorieva, and Bukharaev. Elena Obolenskaya sang the song "Prayer" by Bulat Okudzhava.

The poems and compositions, all of which touched upon the theme of prayer, conversation with God, and unity with the Universe, aroused deep and sincere feelings in the guests of the event.