Read Pushkin Poetry Marathon gathered thousands of listeners in London and around the world

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The program of the marathon included performances by famous Pushkin scholars, poets, musicians and fans of Russian spoken word who recited poetry and sang romances in Russian and in translation.

On the Russian Language Day, President of the Russian Federation Vladimir Putin held a videoconference with cultural figures . The poet, playwright and translator of the works of Alexander Pushkin into English, Julian Henry Lowenfeld, who participated in the meeting, expressed his great love for Russia. Lowenfeld talked about his projects to support the Russian language and invited everyone to participate in the literary and musical marathon “Read Pushkin”, organized by Rossotrudnichestvo, which Julian lead. “I assure you that this is my heartfelt initiative, but at the same time it is indeed a project of national importance,” said Julian.

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The host of the festive marathon, Julian Lowenfeld, who was awarded the Pushkin Medal in 2020 for his great contribution to the study and preservation of Russian cultural heritage, spoke about the literary meeting: “The World Honoring Pushkin Marathon runs from Vladivostok and Beijing to Alaska, across the globe: India , China, Japan, France, England, Ireland, Canada, Belgium, Austria, America. And all [the participants] are different - sculptors, poets, writers, Vienna Opera singer, rock star from Seattle - all united by Pushkin and his bright energy. "
The meeting participants discussed the role of the Russian language and, in particular, the role of Pushkin’s poetry in the development of world literature, its influence on the formation of a new generation and modern global thinking. The Director of the Museum-Reserve "Boldino" Nina Anatolyevna Zhirkova and the director of the Pushkin State Museum Evgeny Anatolyevich Bogatyrev sent their greetings to guests. Descendants of A.S. Pushkin - Alexander Alexandrovich and Maria Alexandrova Pushkins read the poems of the famous ancestor in French and Dutch. During a conversation with Metropolitan of Pskov and Porkhov Tikhon, the features of the spiritual world of A.S. Pushkin were revealed. The project of a monument to Pushkin in London was discussed.
The online marathon was the final stage of the traditional annual international event ReadPushkin, in the framework of which videos of reading Pushkin’s poems are posted on social networks. Compatriots and foreign citizens are actively using this opportunity to show their talent as a reader and honour the memory of the poet, whose work was most productive precisely in conditions of forced isolation during cholera quarantine. At different times, a variety of people became participants in the action, including members of the royal family, well-known Pushkin scholars and literary historians. So, for example, His Royal Highness Prince Michael of Kent read the poem A Little Bird, and one of the most famous translators of Russian literature of the “Golden Age” and an expert on Pushkin’s work, Professor Anthony Briggs performed the introduction to the poem “The Bronze Horseman”.

The recording of the literary and musical marathon can be seen here: