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World War II stands as a synonym for courage and heroism. Even those people who were a world away from the art of war had to defend their Motherland - namely, musicians, composers and actors. They belonged to different nationalities, had had different talents and creative plans for the future. They had dreamt of performances and audiences’ applause. They had expected their lives to be long enough. Until each of them had to step in the warcraft, as much as they could, either fighting their battles on the front or creating art behind the lines.

“MUSIC OF THE HEROES” is a project dedicated to musicians who filled even the scariest days of the war with melodies of hope. A song would accompany soldiers coming into attack, music would sound from the dugouts, artists would come to the front to cheer up those giving up their lives to defend their country. In celebration of the 75th anniversary of the end of World War II, we are remembering those musicians, who worked hard and honestly for the sake of freedom.