Russian-speaking children in the UK are preparing for the celebration of the 75th anniversary of the Great Victory

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Every year on Victory Day, Russian schools in the UK and Northern Ireland hold many events and events. This year, under the conditions of declared quarantine, all events had to be carried out in a new online mode for children. This allowed expanding the geography of projects, attracting a significant number of participants and, most importantly, uniting adults and children from all over the world to celebrate the 75th anniversary of the Great Victory. 

The Russian school “Knowledge” (London) decided to send news from children to war veterans from around the world. The idea to collect video messages to veterans, wishes and poems arose at the school "Knowledge" long before the celebration. Children, their parents, as well as school partners from all over the world responded and happily agreed to participate in this online event. Kids and teens recorded messages in various formats - songs, poems, wishes - and put a lot of effort into creating videos. The videos came from different parts of the UK, from Russia and Germany.

In addition to the idea of ​​video congratulations, the Znanie art studio prepared an exhibition of works dedicated to the 75th anniversary of the Great Victory. “Children of different ages drew their vision and expressed thoughts about the war in the paintings. But that is not all! The school's art teacher also prepared online lessons for kids on themed paper crafts so that even during a pandemic, students could create something while remembering the great feat of their great-grandfathers. This art project was available to everyone, regardless of where they live, ”the curator of the school shares. “The response to our ideas was simply overwhelming, so we continue to receive videos to this day.”

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Students of the Dar School, on the eve of the 75th anniversary of the Great Victory, took part in the Reading Circle projectwhere they performed verses about spring, war and victory. There were lines from poems by Alexei Surkov, Stepan Schipachev, Konstantin Simonov, Andrei Dementiev, Andrei Usachev, Mikhail Vladimov, Elena Blaginina, Timofey Belozerov, Viktor Turov and others. Very interesting and exciting for the guys was watching the cartoon “Soldier's Tale” based on the work of Konstantin Paustovsky. The older guys watched the films “Let it be in vain” and “They are alive while we remember them” and exchanged views. “We celebrate our traditional holiday on May 9 in a new format, which does not prevent us all from remembering together about the affairs of bygone days, about our fathers and mothers, grandfathers and great-grandfathers who fought for peace on earth! May every family on May 9 remember the hot sun, the loud fireworks, the delicious bread that our veteran heroes gave us!”- say the founders of the school.

Friendship School (Kingston) has opened its YouTube channel dedicated to the 75th anniversary of the Victory. It contains videos of children's performances with poems and songs, appeals from school teachers.

The Russian language school “Learning Colors” (Orpington) has prepared a large program for children from 7 to 15 years old. The students sent videos of the military biography of the veterans and their photographs to participate in the Immortal Regiment action. Lessons were held on the Great Patriotic War. Pupils watched films about the heroic deeds of the Soviet people and discussed the lives of the children of war. Schoolchildren also virtually visited military museums of different countries, drew maps of countries involved in World War II, and also read poetry and short stories by S. Alekseev.

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The Russian school "Firebird" opened the series "Lessons of Victory" with a lesson for children 3-4 years old "Parade, salute and celebration of the holiday, as well as the letter" C "." Kids in a playful way became acquainted with the traditions of celebrating Victory Day in different countries. The second Victory Lesson will be held on May 9th. This will be a festive online lesson designed for children 4-5 years old. “I must say that not only children and parents of different schools in the UK join us, but also families from other countries that we were not familiar with before. We get a positive assessment for conducting open lessons on this topic, ”say school teachers Olga Danielyan and Oksana Medvedeva. In addition, children prepared thematic art works that are available for viewing at school resources.

In the school "Rubric"  on Victory Day, the theme of all classes is related to the war. In drawing lessons, students painstakingly drew tanks and planes, as well as the Moscow Kremlin with red stars, over which Victory salute shone. “Even the military equipment in the children's drawings of our children looks peaceful - because a bunch of flowers peeped out of the tank’s barrel!” Says the school principal Nadezhda Loginova. 

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At Lomonosov’s school in Aberdeen, teachers recorded the song Smuglyanka, and students recorded war songs. Videos will be posted on the school’s YouTube channel on May 9th. Younger children are given the opportunity to watch cartoons about the war. On the eve of the holiday, at a lesson in the development of live speech, schoolchildren will write an essay on the film about the return of a soldier from the war. 

Other Russian schools also conduct thematic lessons and master classes, take part in promotions and special projects.