New ideas and prospects for the Russian-speaking society "in isolation"

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The Russian school "Knowledge" and the Rossotrudnichestvo representative office summed up the calligraphy contest "Beautiful Handwriting", which this year is dedicated to victory in the Great Patriotic War. According to the terms of the competition, children had to calligraphically accurately and without errors rewrite texts dedicated to the war period. The jury of the competition included representatives of Rossotrudnichestvo, the Russian University of Friendship of Peoples, and the Education Knowledge Center. 

The next online meeting of school leaders, teachers and preschool teachers in UK educational institutions is planned. During the meeting, the role of the fairy tale in the learning process will be discussed. Irina Erokhina (school "Teremok", the city of Hull) will talk about the use of Russian dolls and ideas from craft art in the classroom and during the organization of holidays. Part of the presentation will be devoted to the concept of emotional memory. Valentina Whiting (ABC school, city of Hull) will share her experience in transforming classes under quarantine and implementing the project “Visiting a Fairy Tale”. 

The Knowledge Knowledge Foundation has begun work on preparing students' documents for an examination grade in Russian. Under quarantine in the UK, schools are closed and offline exams are canceled. This made it impossible to deliver items that are not included in the main school curriculum, including the Russian language. However, “Knowledge” reached an agreement with an independent examination organization Edexcel to accept the portfolio of students as examination papers. Edexel is the only examination center in England that has the right to take school exams in the Russian language. As a result, about 200 schoolchildren will be able to receive an official assessment in the Russian language, which will make their certificate much more competitive.

In addition, the Knowledge Foundation launched a program of free online lessons for children of compatriots. “Since the beginning of the Covid-19 pandemic, the Russian school“ Knowledge ”has done everything possible to continue providing high-quality educational services - from interactive pre-school group lessons to examination consultations. During this difficult period, we decided to expand the range of classes and increase the supply instead of reducing the amount of work. Now we can help both our regular students and those who usually cannot physically join us at school. It is also an opportunity to organize support to low-income families with weekly completely free lessons in Russian language and mathematics, ”says Aina Mamaeva, director of the educational fund. - Our goal is to provide educational support and the opportunity to continue to develop regardless of the circumstances. This became possible only with the support of our entire team. ”


The national stage of the Living Classics International Competition for Readers is nearing completion. The jury began work on the evaluation of work received from students living in various parts of the UK and Northern Ireland. The representative of the Rossotrudnichestvo, a member of the jury, said that it is very difficult to choose the best, so he is ready to give the highest score to each participant. 

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The Russian Book Club invited everyone to take part in a unique discussion meeting with the personal participation of writer and playwright Boris Akunin. The meeting was moderated by London director Konstantin Kamensky. During the meeting, Akunin answered numerous questions regarding both his dramatic works and novels that have not yet acquired a theatrical form.

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Festival Russian Film Week in the UK / Russian Film Week, whose permanent partner is the Rossotrudnichestvo representative office, launched the Russian Film Week At Home, an experimental online platform. Screenings began with short films, and later featured documentary films nominated for the Golden Unicorn Award in the category of Best Ecological Film were released. “For the first time in history, times have come when we cannot watch films in movie theaters. But we want Russian cinema to exist, and we continue to promote Russian content abroad. Now we can do this only online, but it allows us to reach out to millions of people in their homes. I’m sure that our films contribute to establishing a connection between the audience and Russian culture, as well as support them in difficult times, ”says Philip Perkon, founder and general producer of Russian Film Week.

Acceptance of works for contests #stayARThome , "Songs of Victory"  and the competition of family projects "Heroes of war in my family. Tell and draw . Information on the conditions of the competitions is available on the website of the Rossotrudnichestvo representative office.

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The activity of the Russian-speaking community of Great Britain in preparing the celebrations for the 75th anniversary of the Great Victory came to the finish line. 

The Council of the Russian-speaking community of Great Britain and Northern Ireland, together with the Moscow House of the Compatriot (IBC) held an online conference "Victory Day in Moscow and Britain": how it will be this year. " The event was moderated by the chairman of the Council of the Russian-speaking community of Great Britain and Northern Ireland Oleg Sotnichenko and the head of the information and analytical department of the IBC Arkady Beinenson. During the meeting, participants from Moscow, Rostov, Dagestan and the regions of Great Britain presented various formats for the celebration of Victory Day under quarantine, shared their experience in organizing offline and online events dedicated to the Second World War, and discussed ways of involving the younger generation in historical and patriotic work. Representation of Rossotrudnichestvo reminded the participants of the ongoing contests and planned events to a significant date.

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The webinar "Support by the Government of Moscow of Russian compatriots' projects abroad" by the IBC, organized with the support of the Council of the Russian-speaking community of Great Britain and Northern Ireland, was conducted by the head of the Office for Work with Organizations of Compatriots Abroad of the Moscow House of Compatriot Karine Asirbabaeva. During the online meeting, representatives of organizations of compatriots living in the UK and Northern Ireland received information on the activities of the Moscow Government in supporting Russian compatriots abroad and clarifications on the format and timing of applications for support.

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The Russian school "Zharptitsa" prepared for the children of compatriots living abroad a series of "Lessons of Victory." At the Victory Lesson, children aged 3-8 in an accessible form for them learn what the significance of this day is, get to know the heroes of that time. Teachers will dip the guys in the war era and, of course, in the first Victory Parade.