Literary performance in the memory of Russian writers was held in London

Guests of the evening spent a few hours immersed in the atmosphere of Paris of 1920-30s. Admirers of Russian history and literature gathered around tables with small lamps along with the greatest singers, poets and prose writers of the time. Ivan Bunin and Don Aminado from Odessa, Nadezhda Taffy from Novorossiysk, Alexander Vertinsky from Sevastopol, and many others - all of them left their homeland in different ways. They left, taking bare necessities, thinking that they would return soon. It turned out that they left forever. The evening "...Shelter immigrants - free Paris ..." was devoted to their memory.

Brilliant performances of the pieces of poetry of the Silver Age interspersed with historical facts from the biographies of the representatives of Russian emigration and the history of post-revolutionary Russia, the paintings of Paris and its suburbs. Musical accompaniment emphasized the tragic period when Gippius and Merezhkovsky, Kuprin and Bunin left the troubled Russia in search of a better life and themselves.

Directors: Oleg Sidorchik, Elena Williamson.

Participants: Oleg Sidorchik (Belarus), Margarita Markova (Russia), Mikhail Shayter (Latvia), Lily Ward (Russia), Dmitry Turchaninov (Latvia), Svetlana Malinina (Russia).

Piano: Alice Shayter (Belarus).