Russian schools in the UK are moving to “antivirus” schooling format

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The UK is on lockdown, which means that schools, universities, shops, theatres, pubs, and sports clubs are closed. The nationwide lockdown restricts UK residents from leaving their homes except for essential shopping and one period of exercise a day.

Russian schools also closed in accordance with the government’s requirements, sending the children for whom these schools were the only chance to practice Russian language,  on long vacation. Parents of Russian-speaking schoolchildren were worried that their sons and daughters might lose their native language skills while on lockdown, fearing that catching up would be an impossible task. In these conditions, Russian schools made the only right decision - to transfer education to an online format. This required considerable effort, but, according to the teachers, it was absolutely justified.

The Cambridge Russian School developed instructions and held an online conference on transition to distance learning. The school’s administration and teachers set the lessons that can be taught online, developed a schedule and notified the parents. Students are only required to turn on their computers in time and, with the help of the teacher, remotely immerse themselves in the world of Russian language and literature. Teachers and the administration of Znaniye Education Centre, which has been working in London for 17 years, worked almost around the clock for several days to transfer all the lessons to a remote format.

Tchaikovsky Russian music school based at the representative office of Rossotrudnichestvo and the Russian-British Musical Academy "Musics Nova" also switched to a new format. Pianoforte, vocals, violin, musical theory and solfeggio classes are carried out remotely using a platform that is convenient for teachers, students and parents.

Switching London School of Mathematics and Programming based at the representative office of Rossotrudnichestvo to a remote format was perhaps the most interesting undertaking.

The founder and director of the school, Anastasia Stone, said that the preparation for online learning began with ensuring remote attendance of lessons. The school’s specialists connected those children who couldn’t be present at the class using online resources. Schoolchildren remotely and physically present in the classroom saw each other and the teacher, which ensured a special atmosphere.

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