Best cultural experiences without leaving the house

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Much of the world seems to be put on halt, but you can still experience theatre, museums, cinema and more. Catch up on all the things you were meaning to do but never had the time, all from the comfort of your home.

⚡Fun & engaging articles about Russia

🇬🇧🇷🇺Interactive Map of Russian Places in the UK

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📽 Mosfilm studio's features:

📽British Film Institute


📽🎭 Stage Russia - Free online streaming films and theatre, all w/ English subtitles.


📻 Matryoshka Radio

📻Orpheus. Classical Music Radio

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🩰 Bolshoi Theatre Golden Collection

🩰 Online streaming of Mariinsky ballet:

🩰 Perm opera house

🩰 The Royal Opera House

🎼Moscow Philarmonic Orchestra:

🎼 Zaradye Hall

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📚Digital books for friends of the Russian Culture House

📚Books on modern art in Russia and USSR:

🇬🇧Books in English

📰Dialogue of Arts MAgazine Archive by Moscow Museum of Modern Art:

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🧠Use the time to learn Russian!

🎓Learning tools for all levels:

📚Digital books for friends of @RSGovUK


🏛 Engage with the language and learn about Russian Culture

🏰History Articles

📽 1 Kanal films: Т/

📽VGTRK films:

🖼️ Art Online project

🖼️Tretyakov Gallery: Daily talks from curators about a curious and unique exhibit:

This list is regularly updated!