Presentation of the book ‘Brodsky just left’ took place in London

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The presentation of ‘Brodsky just left’, a book written by the famous journalist Yuri Lepsky, was held at the representative office of Rossotrudnichestvo in London.

Lepsky says that his fascination with Joseph Brodsky’s work, which began twenty years ago, turned his life into a fascinating adventure. The author shared his experiences with readers, inviting them to visit those cities and countries in which Brodsky lived or stayed.

The author provides an opportunity to see the poet through the eyes of those who knew him well at different periods of his life and for whom Brodsky was not only a recognized poet and Nobel laureate, but also Osia or Joseph - a person with a complex character and complicated fate. In Venice, Yuri Lepsky visited Brodky’s favourite lace with a friend of the poet Peter Weil; in St. Petersburg - an expert on Brodsky's poetry - Vyacheslav Nedoshivin; in New York - writer Alexander Genis; in Rome - Alexei Bukalov, who knows Brodsky’s favourite routes in the Eternal City very well.

Based on materials of "ART - XXI CENTURY" publishing house