Anthology film "First World War. WW1" screening took place in London

The anthology film "First World War" is the outcome of a unique cooperation of film directors from USA, Serbia, Germany, Turkey, Britain, Canada, Russia, France. Some countries from this list were allies in that war, while others fought each other. In each novel authors tell about their perception of the First World War reality. All of them have found a common idea: the war does not spare anybody - neither children nor elderly, women, men or animals...

A common storyline of the novels is the unique feature of this film.

The film was introduced by Evgeny Ayzikovich, producer, one of the script writers of the film almanac. Mr Ayzikovich is the creative producer of the Battalion film which was shown in Rossotrudnichestvo two months ago and the film Brest Fortress. He spoke on how this international project became possible and the challenges it entailed.