A grand rally took place in the UK on the eve of May 9

Hundreds of people from the former Soviet states participated in a car rally to mark one of the most beloved and important holidays – the Victory Day. They started off from different parts of the UK with St. George ribbons, flags, stickers of the Order of the Patriotic War on their cars and with photos of ancestors who defeated fascism with them.

Each column was named after a particular war front; for example, the one that took
off from London was called the Leningrad front. According to the participants of the
race, they wanted to remind the British of Soviet contribution to the defeat of Nazi

“This is our great story, this is a victory. Our grandfathers, great-grandfathers,
grandmothers, grandfathers fought fearlessly, gave us freedom so that we could live
on this land. And all of us, our children should remember this,” says rally participant
Kristina Kalnina.

Based on Channel One materials

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