Why do we learn Russian? A view from the pupils of the British "Teatrik"

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International campaign "Why do I learn Russian?" continues in the UK. Why should children who do not live in Russia learn Russian? The pupils of the school of creativity and Russian language “Teatrik” answered this question in their video.

Schoolchildren from the cities of Colchester and Chelmsford approached the issue creatively. “When I received an invitation from Rossotrudnichestvo to participate in the action, my pupils and I held a debate on this topic during a rhetoric lesson. They voiced some ideas and thoughts, which I wrote down. Then I decided to put these thoughts in a poetic form and make a creative video. The kids really liked this idea. And here is what we have come up with! ”- says the head of the school Natalia Yevtushenko.

Want to take part in the campaign?

Record a short video with your answer to the question “Why am I learning Russian?” And send it to us at uk@rs.gov.ru. All videos will be posted on the electronic resources of the representative office of Rossotrudnichestvo in the UK, and the best answers will be included in the international video collection.

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