Russian National Unity Day celebrated in the UK

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An international round table dedicated to the topic of unity was successfully held in the UK. The round table and the National Unity Day celebrations in London were organized by the Youth Coordination Council of Russian Compatriots in the UK with support of the Government Commission for the Affairs of Compatriots Living Abroad, the House of Russian-speaking Communities in the UK and the representative office of Rossotrudnichestvo in London.

The round table brought together representatives of public and youth organizations from the UK, USA, Canada, Germany, Austria, Italy, Serbia and Greece. The aim of the round table was to facilitate exchange of experiences and ideas on the ways of maintaining unity among compatriots of all generations, as well as on rapprochement of compatriots with the indigenous people in the countries of residence.

Roman Zamorin, chairman of the Youth Coordination Council of Russian Compatriots in the UK, noted the critical role of the Year of Volunteers in Russia (2018) in reuniting young people of Russia and young compatriots around the world.

A spokesman for the Russian Embassy in the UK Alexander Novikov noted the relevance and importance of the National Unity Day abroad and stressed the positive trend of a wider celebration of this day in several countries of Western Europe and in the United States.

“The National Unity Day gives a strong impetus to rapprochement and mutual understanding between compatriots, and also marks the inextricable link between compatriots and Russians of all generations,” said the representative of Rossotrudnichestvo in the UK Anton Chesnokov.

During the Skype teleconference, young representatives of compatriot orgaisations from different countries voiced their opinions about the importance of the holiday of national unity and shared their experiences of working with compatriots of different generations.

Representative of the youth movement of compatriots in the city of Toronto (Canada) Maria Kavrus, representatives of the USA Alexander Naumov and Igor Nozdrin, representative of young compatriots from Austia Anna Setyavina, as well as representative of the Gorchakov Fund Andrey Gorbunov took part in the teleconference.

In March 2019, the UK will host the second All-British Conference of Young Compatriots, which will bring together participants and experts in the field of public diplomacy, culture, arts and sports from different countries.