ZIMA. A new media project about those who live abroad and understand Russian

A new media project, comprised of the www.ZIMAmagazine.com website and a cognominal print publication, was launched in the UK.

The project tells about the life of Russians abroad. Its target audience are all those who were born in Russia and other Russian-speaking countries, but live or work in the West, as well as those who are curious to learn about the life of Russians abroad. The magazine is conceived as a holistic, collectible product, with the main theme and several dozen materials, developed and written by the best authors, photographers and illustrators.

The main aim of the project is to understand who lives abroad today, what is the size of the Russian-speaking community, what opportunities they have, what they have in common, and what are the differences.

The editor-in-chief of the "ZIMA" magazine and the zimamagazine.com website is Katerina Nikitina, who created and headed the project "Russian Gap". The issuing editor is Ilya Goncharov, former editor in chief of “Angliya” newspaper.

Based on: http://zimamagazine.com/2017/07/zima-novy-j-mediaproekt-o-teh-kto-zhivet-za-granitsej-i-ponimaet-po-russki/