«Great British Bake Off with a Slavic Twist» held in London

Representative office of Rossotrudnichestvo in London and the "Russian Revels” duo Karina Baldry and Katrina Kollegaeva invited everyone to participate in a sweet competition.

Participants of the competition prepared a wide variety of cakes. Each of them was accompanied by an entertaining story. The Ural "Cherry" cake; "Peach cake", apple pie, "Babushkin" pie, traditional "Medovik" - the contest presented a delicious variety of Russian desserts. A participant from South Africa who made a chocolate-beet cake "Matryoshka" told that her grandmother first went to Russia at the age of 75. This was a shock to the whole family. From Russia, the grandmother brought souvenirs, pictures and recipes of Russian dishes. A family team of mother and daughter prepared two traditional desserts. Granddaughter of a Don Cossack baked a "Semyonovna" cake in memory of her grandmother and told an interesting story about how an exquisite cake "Napoleon" became a common treat for each family.

Tastings were held in the framework of the culinary festival. Guests were invited to try traditional kefir and bee products.

Popularization of Russian cuisine in the "sweet" format fell to the liking of those who decided to bake cakes, and those who evaluated the works of culinary art. The winner of the competition received a memorable gift.