International Conference on Quantum Technologies was held in Great Britain

A conference on quantum technologies, organized by the Russian Quantum Center (RQC), was held at the representative office of Rossotrudnichestvo in London The meeting was attended by leading experts from Europe, Great Britain and Russia, as well as scientists, politicians, business figures, journalists.

The conference was launched by the Russian Ambassador to the UK Alexander Yakovenko, who noted the importance of finding new creative formats and platforms for exchange of ideas and development of international cooperation.

During the first two sessions, latest developments and methods of applying technologies based on research in the field of quantum physics in various fields were presented. Issues related to the possibilities of international cooperation, development of British quantum science and technology in Europe were discussed. Session entitled "Networked quantum information technologies" was moderated by Alexey Kavokin - professor at the University of Southampton, a member of the British Center for Quantum Technology. The final session on the organization of tripartite cooperation between the UK-EU and Russia took place in discussion format.

Chief scientific adviser of the British Foreign Ministry, Robin Grimes, spoke about the ongoing UK-Russia Year of Education and Science, noting significant achievements in joint organization of events.

A meeting between Deputy Minister of Education of the Russian Federation Grigory Trubnikov and Vladislav Panchenko and the representatives of the Russian Embassy and Rossotrudnichestvo was held in the framework of the event. Questions related to the priorities of the Government of the Russian Federation when supporting and developing quantum science in Russia were discussed.

The conference was organized by the Russian Quantum Center with support of the Russian Embassy and Rossotrudnichestvo.