Education and Science

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Promotion of Russian education abroad is one of the most important tasks of the Russian Federation.

Work in this direction is defined by the Concept of Promotion of Russian Education on the Basis of Representative Offices of Rossotrudnichestvo Abroad, approved on March 27, 2014. The concept aims to create a system of effective measures for the promotion of Russian higher education abroad, as well as the creation of means for information and coordination support of universities activities for the development of international relations.

Great attention is paid to the support of Russian schools abroad, according to the Concept approved on November 4, 2015.

The concept defines:

priorities and objectives of the state policy of  the Russian Federation in promoting general education in Russian language in the international educational space;
approaches to  providing access to obtaining a general education in Russian language abroad for Russian citizens, foreign citizens and stateless persons;
organizations carrying out educational activities in the field of general education abroad as Russian schools abroad (4 kinds);
types of state support to organizations engaged in educational activities in Russian and (or) in accordance with the Federal State Educational Standards in foreign countries (informational, methodological, logistical support, the organization of professional education and further vocational training for staff of Russian schools abroad).
Rossotrudnichestvo annually implements projects and programs aimed at the export of Russian education, the promotion of international scientific cooperation, the attraction of foreign citizens to study in Russia, as well as interaction with graduates of Russian (Soviet) universities.

Representative Offices of Rossotrudnichestvo, Russian Centers of Science and Culture abroad, are grounds for carrying out activities in the field of education, establishment of contacts between Russian scientists and their foreign counterparts, youth co-operation, as well as activities on selection of foreign schools graduates for studying in Russian universities within the framework of the quota allocated by the Government.

The partners of Rossotrudnichestvo in this area are the Ministry of Education and Science of the Russian Federation, the Russian educational and research organizations, the Associations of Foreign Graduates and Foreign Students of Russian (Soviet) Universities, and others.