Прием иностранных граждан в СПбГУ

1 февраля —8 июля

Saint Petersburg

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Admission procedure for international applicants 2017

International applicants can be admitted to SPbU both to places on a fee-paying (contractual) basis and to places funded by the Russian Government (Scholarship includes tuition fee and academic scholarship). 

Contractual basis

From 1st of April till 8th of July 
1. To fill in an application form

2. To create a personal account

3. To attach the required application
documents to your personal account.
The list of required documents
You can also submit your application:
- in person
- by mail

4. To pass the entrance test

5. To sign an education contract in case
of a positive enrollment decision.

Russian Government Scholarship

From 1st of February till 15th of June
•    Covers the cost of tuition.
•    Provides academic scholarship.
•    Gives  reduced prices for dormitory stay.

1. To fill in an application form

2. To fill in a scholarship application form
3. To create a personal account
4. To create a portfolio. The list of required
documents: https://abiturient.spbu.ru/admission-procedure-ino.html 
5. To attach your portfolio (including an essay on a specified topic and a motivation letter) to your personal account
6. Applicants successful at the competitive selection are enrolled to SPbU and nominated for the state scholarship of the Russian Federation

All foreign educational credentials have to be as follows:
• legalized in accordance with the regulations prescribed
• translated into Russian
• notarized

For more admission details please visit SPbU website:
In Russian
In English

Please, do not hesitate consult the Committee for Foreign Nationals’ Admissions 
e-mail: admission@spbu.ru
Address: 6 Birzhevaya Liniya, 
199034 St. Petersburg, Russia
Phone: +7 (812) 328 32 91
e-mail: admission@spbu.ru