Olga Kalashnikova presented a solo performance in London

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The representative office of Rossotrudnichestvo in London hosted a solo performance by Olga Kalashnikova. The performance was based on Lidia Grigorieva’s book “Termitnik”.

27 life stories – all very different, but united by a common theme of the unity of opposites, became the basis for this unusual performance. Short stories showed the tragedy of the finiteness of everything in this world with humor and irony. The audience was faced with eternal philosophical questions in fleeting plots of human destiny.

Olga Kalashnikova is the director and the leading actress in this play. Olga says: “I was lucky to witness the creation of a new genre in literature: a micro-story. Each carefully engraved just in five lines, the stories excellently fulfilled all the laws of the genre. Extraordinarily vital and dramatic. When I heard them for the first time, the actress in me thought: "The can be read so interestingly." But the director in me said loudly: "We will stage the play!"

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