High-tech robotics camp for British schoolchildren took place at the Russian school of mathematics and programming

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The London School of Mathematics and Programming based at the representative office of Rossotrudnichestvo held a children's technology camp. Light and color became the main themes for the spring activities at the camp.

At the camp, the children were introduced to the basic physical concepts of light and color. They learned the law of light propagation in space and the principles of reflection, refraction and dispersion. During STEM classes, students conducted physical experiments using lasers and light systems. In the programming lessons the children worked with LEDs, implemented projects with LED matrices, including ticker and interactive drawing. Programming lessons for the younger kids included tasks on implementation of an object’s reflection relative to the selected axis. In robotics classes, the tasks focused on working with light sensors and video cameras, enabling the children to create programmes for driving the robot through a selected path. The attendees of the camp also worked on project involving creating an endless light tunnel with LED strips, construction of a real kaleidoscope and a project with color chemistry, where children were introduced to the reflectivity of pigments in the ultraviolet range.

Introduction of the STEM component with real physical experiments became one of the main features of the camp.