A film about Russian emigration is being shot in London

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The Ostankino television company has launched a historical documentary about the life of Maria Budberg and about Russian emigration in general.

Maria (Mura) Ignatievna Zakrevskaya-Benkendorf-Budberg (1892-1974) is a diplomat, allegedly a double agent of the OGPU and British intelligence. Countess Benkendorf, Baroness Budberg. She was Gorky's "common-law wife."

Places associated with her life will be filmed in London. The film crew recorded interviews with the British historian and biographer Mura Jeremy Dronfield at the representative office of Rossotrudnichestvo.

The film is directed by Sergey Kraus, who filmed the documentary “Crimea. Path to the Motherland ”(2015).

In London, the filming is organised by Zhanna Vladimirova.