Unique educational art project ARTELLiGENT was launched in London

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Presentation of the unique ARTELLiGENT educational art project took place at the representative office of Rossotrudnichestvo in London. The aim of the project is to create conditions for the development of creative thinking in the “digital” Z and Alpha generations.

Z and Alpha are the first generations born in the Internet era. They cannot imagine living without gadgets and spend most of the day with smartphones and tablets. Generation Z does not divide the world into digital and real, their life smoothly flows to the screen and back.

During an intuitive artistic lesson, children not only became acquainted with the world of Kandinsky, but also turned themselves into creators of abstract art. Young listeners created their masterpieces using watercolor and geometric figures to the sounds of classical music, which, according to research, helps focus on intellectual pursuits, develops mental flexibility and awakens creative abilities.

Art classes of ARTELLiGENT educational art project help representatives of “digital” generations discover traditional world of art through an interactive study of the history of its development and influence on the modern world.

The first master class was held for children aged between 5 and 12 years old, where parents together with their children listened to a presentation about the Russian artist and fine arts theorist Vasily Kandinsky, who stood at the origins of abstractionism. One of the most unusual topics of discussion was the influence of Kandinsky’s works on Google (high-tech branding), Chanel (fashion couture), Montblanc (design accessories) and Atelier Medini (furniture design).