Russians in Oxford

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Oxford High School hosted a conference for high school students studying Russian. The conference was attended by more than 80 students from 11 leading British schools, including the Harrow School, the James Allen School for Girls (JAGS), the St Paul's girls school, the Hampton School, and Bristol Grammar School and others.

The presentations covered various topics that help students better understand Russia’s history and culture, as well as prepare for the final Russian language exams.

The representative of Rossotrudnichestvo in the UK Anton Chesnokov took part in the conference. His conversation with the students discussed modern Russia and its role in the world. The representative answered students' questions about the prospects of working in Russian and international organizations for those proficient in Russian and other ways of applying knowledge of the Russian language and culture. Professors of the University of Oxford Roy Allison, Julie Curtis and Philip Bullock also spoke at the event. Their speeches covered various topics - from perestroika and the causes of the end of the Cold War to the peculiarities of translation of "The Master and Margarita" by Bulgakov.

At the end of the conference, students were invited to BBC Radio Oxford. Journalist James Watt was interested why so many Russians gathered at the conference in Oxford and why children choose to learn Russian. The students talked about their plans for the future and taught the journalist a few Russian words and expressions.s