Annual conference of the Russian Teachers Group took place in London

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The Chairman of the Association Katya Solovyova spoke about the main events and changes that took place in the activities of the Association over the last year, noting the beginning of active use of Facebook social platform. Katya announced the reinstatement of the essay competition, one of the themes of which this year became football and the upcoming World Championship in Russia. The presentation also touched upon the topic of education of foreign nationals conducted by the Russian government through the Russia.Study platform.

Participants of the meeting shared their experiences, ideas and lessons learned in conducting study sessions. Educational resources and materials, which help to optimize the educational process, were presented.

The meeting also involved practical classes on application of information resources, the most effective work with the text, as well as on overcoming difficulties in teaching grammar.

The conference was attended by more than fifty teachers of Russian as a foreign language from public and private schools, as well as from universities in central and northern England.