Russian music evening: "Play and Sing, Balalaika!"

11 February at 7 pm
in Rossotrudnichestvo

For the fourth year in a row, a concert of Russian music by a virtuoso balalaika player Bibs Ekkel will bring fans of folk and romance together. Bibs is a joyful Briton, who speaks Russian perfectly. He is one of the best foreign performers in his genre. His entire house is filled with ancient vintage instruments - exhibits of his own collection, in which some balalaikas are already 100 years old. Bibs lived in Russia for a time, where he studied under the masters of music. He is often invited to play in the movies and on television, when it comes to the balalaika.

The balalaika can do a lot! See for yourself and invite your friends!

The concert in two parts.
Organiser: Margarita Bagrova,
With support of Rossotrudnichestvo

Compressed file
Bibs Ekkel concert. Maslenitsa 2017

Bibs Ekkel concert in 2017