More than $1million will be awarded to top entrepreneurs and philanthropists for the most inspiring example of school development

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On the 15th of December a short list of the international Rybakov Prize will be determined. Deadline for the application is  November 19. The Grand Prix of $ 1 million will be awarded for the most inspiring example the school developed as the centre of society.

The international Rybakov Prize is awarded annually to entrepreneurs, philanthropists, and impact investors who are eager to contribute to changing the future of education. This will focus on the redesign of preschool, primary and secondary education. It is for activists, doers, who are investing their own financial resources and know-how to reimagine and better develop new models for school community, and ultimately the global community.

To be qualified for the award the nominee must submit the results of philanthropic or social-entrepreneurial activities that can be developed and scaled in the long term. The public recognition received by winners will be the driving force behind the development of society, and prize winners will become role models who will inspire others.

The prize fund is $ 1.2 million. Three Rybakov Prize winners will receive cash prizes: two finalists - $ 100 thousand each, and a Grand Prix winner.  The recipient of the Grand Prix will receive $1 million to create an endowment fund for the school or educational institution that is implementing the grand prize winner's mission. Out of that figure, the winner may use $100,000 as he or she wishes.

You can see more details on the website.

Rybakov Prize was established in 2019 by Ekaterina and Igor Rybakov, who are the co-founders of the private philanthropic organization, the Rybakov Foundation, whose aim is providing high-quality education for everyone.

The fund also supports the best school teams and teachers: “School” contest of the Rybakov Foundation.