Sochi International Film Festival and Awards (SIFFA) comes to London

SIFFA UK Film Week at Rossotrudnichestvo UK. Monday 9 to Friday 13 September 2019

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The Sochi International Film Festival and Awards (SIFFA) launches the SIFFA UK Film Week at Rossotrudnichestvo · Russian Culture House in the UK, on Monday 9 September 2019.

SIFFA founder and president, Luba Balagova said:

“The SIFFA UK Film Week will reprise the best of the SIFFA 2018 festival.  It is a great opportunity for Londoners to get a taste of the talent that was showcased in Sochi, Russia, in December 2018.  SIFFA has consistently presented outstanding talent every year since its inception in 2016.  And we will do so again this year from 16 to 21 November at our fourth international festival in Sochi.”

All screenings in the SIFFA UK Film Week will commence at 7 pm. The program for the week is as follows:

Monday 9th: The Clay Pit, Vera Glagoleva 2018

Tuesday 10th: Strangers of Patience, Vladimir Alenikov 2018

Wednesday 11th: Sharkwater Extinction, Rob Stewart 2018

Thursday 12th: Love Possibly, Michael Boccalini and Che Grant 2018

Friday 13th: The Mystery of the Buryat Lama, Elena Demidova 2018

The SIFFA UK Film Week is part of SIFFA’s annual program of events.  This includes a UK gala screening and awards ceremony in March, the SIFFA UK Film Week in September and the festival itself in Sochi in November.  This year’s UK gala screening and awards ceremony was held in the City of London at the HQ of global law firm Pinsent Mason.  In previous years we were hosted in the historic heartland of British cinema in Soho, at the Soho Hotel, and at the British Academy of Film and Television Arts (BAFTA).

 SIFFA established itself on the global film festival circuit in 2016.  It is the largest Russian-British Open film festival in Russia.  It takes place every year in the Olympic city of SOCHI, Russia. It aims to bring together film-makers from Britain and Russia and the rest of the world through the language of cinema.

Free entry.

The fourth SIFFA festival will take place this year in 2019, from 16 to 21 November.

Sochi, with its year-round temperate climate and dramatic mountainous backdrop, has become famous as an international luxury resort in recent times, after hosting the 2014 Winter Olympic Games.  Sochi welcomes everyone to the SIFFA festival and guests from around the world throughout the year.

The lady behind the SIFFA concept and its founder and president, is the Anglo-Russian poetess, songstress, writer Luba Balagova.