In Memory of Kate Marsden - We remember the Kindness

Charity is the simplest thing in which we can become like God. “Be merciful, as your Father is merciful”

Merciful, courageous and brave, she chose the way to serve those in pain, with the unshakable hope of help the lepers.

This event is dedicated to Kate Marsden, an English sister of mercy, a traveller and philanthropist, a member of the Russian Red Cross Society and the Royal British Nurses' Association. One of the first women - members of the Royal Geographical Society.

She was widely known for traveling on horseback through Siberia to the Yakutsk region in 1891-1892 in search of a herb that cures leprosy. Thanks to her efforts it became possible to create a hospital for leprosy patients in Sosnovka village, Vilyuiskiy district in 1892. In 1895 Kate Marsden founded the St. Francis Leper Guild. In 1914 she became one of the founders of the Bexhill Museum in Bexhill-on-Sea.

The event will discuss the following questions:

1. The history: the purpose of Kate Marsden's trip to Yakutia.

2. In memory of Kate Marsden: anniversary events, a play about Kate Marsden, a translation of the book by Kate Marsden into Russian.

3. The restoration of the Church of St. Panteleimon in  Sosnovka village.

4. The project of creating a scientific documentary "Kate Marsden" (presentation of the video).

5. The screen version of the feature-length film about Kate Marsden based on the book by A.I. Gogoleva.

This project is a tribute to the memory, gratitude and reverence of heroic personalities in the service of mercy. The documentary will be devoted to the great power of compassion, unity, about those who despite adversity follow steadfastly the path of the heart - Faith, Hope and Love. Let her heroic deed inspire people, as it inspired the Yakut people, because goodness begets goodness.