Nostalgia/Queen of Laughter: a play based on Teffi's works

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4 June at 7 pm | Rossotrudnichestvo | free admission
37 Kensington High Street W8 5ED

Nadeszda Teffi was a much loved Russian satirical writer. She was known as the Queen of Laughter in her native country and her sense of humour was often compared to that of Chekov. She was also a poet, translator and a very original playwright. She had to spend most of her life abroad, far away from the country she adored, as she was never able to come to terms with the Revolution and its imprint on society. Perhaps that's why her brilliant satirical stories are often tinted with gentle sadness.

Russian Classics Theatre warmly invites you to enjoy a collection of her theatrical miniatures under the title of "Nostalgia/Queen of Laughter", which we believe well portrays the main emotion that underpinned the whole life of Nadeszda Teffi.