Instruments for generations: "Brainwash" vs Real communication

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22 March at 7 pm | Rossotrudnichestvo | tickets

Dr. Shamis is an expert in the following areas: Cross-generational interaction and instruments, Human capital development, Professional communities, Cluster (Silicon Valley) development, BRICS, Individual consulting, Systematic Longevity. In her professional experience, there are over 20 years of work with executive and project teams on development, implementation of sustainable development projects for corporations, regions, cities. Evgeniya is driven by her mission to make places where people live and work better, more comfortable and successful, of higher life-quality. She sees clusters and regions as the way to achieve this, and teams and professional communities as the engines of such process. Therefore, she acts as a connector among global regions, in particular for Russia, Italy and Brazil. Dr. Shamis also promotes sharing quality solutions and methods of 21st century, presenting “renewed regions” to the World and to their citizens. This in result leads to regional development, cross-regional and international partnerships, economic development and simultaneously shows Russia as leader of thoughts in global discussions.

Evgeniya is the author of the other two books “Clusterra, or Clusters in Simple Terms” (Russian and English – 2014, 2015), “Words and Their Meanings: Do we Understand Everything” (2001).