Wassily Kandinsky Children Masterpiece project by ARTELLiGENT

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27 January at 3 pm

Learn about art and produce your own masterpiece during our unique workshop where we aim to help children to learn about colours, shapes, building up social skills and self-esteem via dialogues as well as discover new art medias, architecture and fascinating history. While learning about art of the past they can see how it can be linked to the present and applied in the future.

At ARTELLiGENT project we introduce children to the most iconic modern artists of the past century such as Kandinsky, Chagall, Malevich, Bakst, Picasso, Van Gogh, Klimt and many more. Encourage kids to use their critical thinking and open up their creative side and improvise.

ARTELLiGENT is about the process not the final product.

Project no. 1️ Wassily Kandinsky Masterpiece project by ARTELLiGENT

The class starts with introductory presentation to an artist and the artistic style he is most famous for. Followed by creative part where every child is encouraged to produce his own creation inspired by an artist and art media he used.
During the workshop every child will be provided with all required art materials such as: hb pencil, rulers, watercolour paper, set of brushes and painting tins and lots of CREATIVITY.

All Class materials included!

Recommended for children from 6+
In English language
Places are limited to 30 students
Expect to get messy.
Class is a drop off.

Parents are welcome to join at the end of the class.