Battle of Stalingrad: memorable evening

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1 February at 6:30 pm
free admission

The meeting of Volgograd and Russian speaking community, living in the UK as well as our British friends, dedicated to the 76th anniversary of the Victory of the Soviet Army in the Battle near Stalingrad. In 2019 we also celebrate the 75th anniversary of the official twinning between Stalingrad/ Volgograd and Coventry.

We are going to look through the pages of the history of the Battle on the banks of the Volga River, to read again some of the memories of its participants and witnesses, to talk about the meaning of the Great Victory in Stalingrad for the Second World War  still going on at the time and the forthcoming Peace times. We would like to start the talk about the beginnings of the public diplomacy movement, which was born during the war time thanks to the efforts of women and citizens of Soviet Russian town of Stalingrad/Volgograd and British Coventry and running in different shapes and forms until our days, about the Movement of Twin Cities in particular, as well as Cities Peacemakers and Movement of Reconciliation. We are going to recall the history of Honoring  the Title of The Honored Citizen of Volgograd to Queen Mother, and to mark the 75th anniversary of rewarding The Sward of Honour of the British King George the Sixth to the victorious in the battle with fascism citizens of Stalingrad.

Together with people and the guests of Volgograd we will remember and keep the minute of silence for the memory of known and unknown soldiers and heroes with the help of the video presentation, will listen to the songs of the war and peace times, dedicated to the Victory.

We also plan to announce the conference on the 75th anniversary of the Twin Cities Movement which is planned to be hold in London on April the 26th 2019.

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