Xameleon Theatre: A Dog's Heart

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22 - 24 November
Canada Water Theatre

Stage adaptation of Mikhail Bulgakov's famous novel by London based Russian company Xameleon Theatre

A brilliant medical professor transplants human hypophysis into a stray dog and creates a monstrous man who turns on his creator…

Xameleon Theatre is presenting its previously sold-out show - A Dog’s Heart – a contemporary adaptation of Master and Margarita’s author Mikhail Bulgakov’s satiric masterpiece.

A Dog’s Heart written in 1925, set in the surrealistic world, and featuring a stray dog named Sharik who takes human form as narcissistic incarnation of the New Soviet Man, was banned in Russia for over 60 years for its controversial portrayal of the social clash between the old and the new generations. The plot of this story, traditionally interpreted as an allegory of the Communist revolution, sounds surprisingly relevant in today’s world, by examining the struggle between opposing social classes and their conflicts.

Cast: Oleg Sidorchik, Sergey Kotukh, Alexey Averkin, Eimas Minkelis, Vlada Lemeshevska
Director: Konstantin Kamensky
Producer: Vlada Lemeshevska
Stage, Costume Designer and Animator: Irina Gluzman
Lighting designer: Jana Marshall
Video Content Creator: Natalia Lavrova

Performed in Russian with English subtitles 

Recommended age: 10+

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